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The Harder Has Been Located.

The Harder Has Been Located.

Quote:Wreck of WWII Submarine Found After 80 Years

The USS Harder, known by the nickname “Hit ‘em HARDER,” was led by a commander known for his ‘particularly audacious attacks’ on Japanese warships
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The Harder Has Been Located.
I was thinking of a different 'harder'. Whistling
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The Harder Has Been Located.
(06-20-2024, 02:56 AM)brewerb Wrote: I was thinking of a different 'harder'. Whistling

This Harder was 312' long.

In all seriousness, this boat sank 16 Japanese ships in six missions. Not a bad haul. Her boss, Cmdr Dealey, earnt four Navy Crosses and then a posthumous Medal of Honor. Named after a fish, swam like a shark.

You'll find more about her and other famous subs and captains here:

And a little more reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Harder_(SS-257) From this wiki source:

Quote:She headed for the western Caroline Islands where she was assigned duty as lifeguard ship for downed aviators. During American air strikes against Woleai on 1 April, Harder received word of an injured pilot awaiting rescue from the beach of a small enemy-held island west of Woleai. Protected by air cover, she nosed against a reef, maintained her position with both propellers, and sent a boat ashore through breaking surf. Despite Japanese snipers, boiling shoals, and the precarious position of the submarine, the daring rescue succeeded, and the intrepid submarine returned to the open sea.

That's pretty badass.
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