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How small does water get?

How small does water get?
I thought it was a daft question, then I watched it:

This is the best closeup of non coalescence I've seen. Beautifully shot.
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How small does water get?

Um........... it appears to be more about bouncing.
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How small does water get?
Always fun in heavy rainstorms when the water tension causes droplets to bounce back upward and soak you from below as well.

How small does water get?
I lived in Ohio then Florida growing up. I moved to Wyoming after I married (husbands home town) and the first time I got hit with rain I was flabbergasted! It was late spring and it was freezing cold! Rains in the spring/summer in the previous states were at least lukewarm!

Rains also behave differently in different parts of the country. Ohio will rain for days. Florida can drench you in 2 seconds and be gone as quickly though return over and over. Wyoming rained at around 3pm daily for June and July…with an occasional hail storm or snow included. In Colorado now, we get spring rains usually at sunset or early evening…it’s rare to have a full day of rain or one in the morning. It’s still damn cold though.

I could never live again in Ohio with the continual cloudy rainy days. Won’t live in Florida because of politics that’s even worse than Ohio. Won’t live in Wyoming again because of the wind and long winters. Colorado is perfect…3 months of each season (and our winters are milder than people imagine…minus a blizzard now and then) and the blessed sunshine and mountains.

How small does water get?
The bounce, yes.
One day I was training a local pilot in faraway Florida. I had helped move the twin engine plane across the country from Seattle.
He knew the weather and we kept getting in " one more approach" until it was time to get in the hangar. There was a huge black wall of nasty approaching from the SW.
We hustled and got the plane in the hangar and the doors closed when it hit. The noise on the metal hangar was incredible. We both got the noise cancelling headsets out of the plane for hearing protection.
I remember looking out the barely cracked door and seeing these huge drops bounce back up to eye level!
They can keep that.
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