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Removing illegally placed religious propaganda

Removing illegally placed religious propaganda
Atheist Street Pirates is a
group which removes illegally placed religious
propaganda from public property nationwide & reports
them on a map. If anyone wants to report these signs,
whether they're cardboard signs, stickers, metal signs,
banners, flags, graffiti, whether they're on street signs,
power poles, anywhere on public property, please go to
the website for Atheist Street Pirates.


Anyone who wants to officially join ASP & help remove
this propaganda, please go to the website then scroll
down & click where it says "Join A Local Crew" to be
directed to an email form which you will need to fill out
with your contact information. Not long after filling it
out & sending it, you will be contacted by a member
who will explain some things to you about what we do &
give you some tips & tricks then send you an invite to
join the group on the Slack app.

*Bear in mind that it is NOT illegal to remove these
signs yourself as long as they are on public property &
not private property.

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Removing illegally placed religious propaganda
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Removing illegally placed religious propaganda
(02-05-2024, 07:17 PM)brewerb Wrote: [Image: groundhog-day-meme6-min.jpg]

Yeah I tried to post this here on "atheism & theism" at the same time I posted on the announcements & news thread since I figured this was appropriate for both threads but apparently this post didn't go through when I first tried to share it on this thread so here we are


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