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How Did Moses Get Water from Rocks?

How Did Moses Get Water from Rocks?
(01-08-2024, 12:03 PM)Mathilda Wrote:
(01-08-2024, 11:44 AM)brewerb Wrote: How many rocks do you think it would take to quench the thirst of all following moses and their animals as in the story (in tons would suffice)?

Depends on the rock.

OK, damn, didn't expect to need specifics. For this derail let's use the type(s) of rocks that exist where the story took place.
Being told you're delusional does not necessarily mean you're mental. 

How Did Moses Get Water from Rocks?
(01-08-2024, 12:04 PM)brewerb Wrote:
(01-08-2024, 12:00 PM)Aliza Wrote: Enough to fill the Jordan river

Is that during the rainy season?


How Did Moses Get Water from Rocks?
(01-08-2024, 04:46 AM)Minimalist Wrote: Courtesy Wiki

Quote:James K. Hoffmeier (born February 13, 1951) is an American Old Testament scholar, an archaeologist and an egyptologist.[1] He was Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Well that fucking figures.
Yeah Dave isn't a fundamentalist, and understands fundamentalism's many basic problems (which I assume is why he switched away from it) but he's happy to cite their "scholarship" when it's helpful to his "arguments".

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