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"Moses Didn't Exist" File #1

"Moses Didn't Exist" File #1
(01-03-2024, 07:40 PM)Dave Armstrong Wrote: Deesse23:

Whats the point of showing that Moses might have existed, in whatsoever form. [?]

Simply because it's been repeatedly denied here, along with the corresponding notion that the OT is supposedly a bunch of myths and made-up nonsense. Moses is a good way to cut through all those claims. 
First of all, the Bible is the book making the claims.

What other "myths" of the OT do you think are true? Do you think Moses was raised as the son of a Pharaoh? Do you think he led a bunch of Israelites across the red sea? Do you think he parted the red sea with his staff? Do you think the Israelites were wandering Sinai for decades? Do you think People lived hundreds of years back then? Do you think a global flood happened? Do you think a bunch of people rode out the Big Flood in a wooden boat? Do you think that snakes and donkeys talked, that bats are birds?
What about Jericho, or several claimed genocides?

(01-03-2024, 07:40 PM)Dave Armstrong Wrote: If an atheist came to believe that Moses existed and did some or all of the things that the Bible attributes to him
Bolding mine
Moses existing and Moses doing impossbile stuff or having been raised under impossible circumstances are two different animals.
If you want me to believe any of the stuff Moses did according to the Bible, please provide evidence. And before you start to cite another professors expert opinion, please be aware: Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.
R.I.P. Hannes
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