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Anglican Church Refuses to Defrock Hollingworth
Anglican Church Refuses to Defrock Hollingworth
The Anglican church’s complaints body says former governor
general Peter Hollingworth [highlight]should not be defrocked despite
upholding multiple allegations of misconduct over his
handling of child sexual abuse complaints[/highlight] while in a senior
leadership role.

              [Image: Screenshot-2023-04-24-at-19-57-09-images...pixels.png]

The process, conducted by Kooyoora, the Anglican church’s
complaints handling body, has caused immense frustration
to survivors and advocates due to its vast delays, secrecy
and alleged omissions.

Today the church’s professional standards board found
Hollingworth had committed misconduct over his handling of
abuse complaints against two clergy members, whom he
allowed to remain in the church despite knowing they
had sexually assaulted children
.  He was also found to
have committed misconduct due to harsh and insensitive
communications concerning a third child victim.

The child abuse royal commission found that Hollingworth, as
archbishop of Brisbane in 1993, failed to act to remove a lay
preacher, John Linton Elliot, despite Elliot having admitted to
him that he had abused two boys.  A psychiatrist, tasked with
assessing Elliot, told Hollingworth that Elliot, who was also a
teacher, "was a paedophile and that his personality type was
untreatable".  Despite this, Hollingworth allowed Elliot to
remain until he retired five years later

—This is yet ANOTHER example of the church—any or all
   churches—closing ranks to protect their own.  And of   
   course Hollingworth should've been charged with not
   reporting known paedophiles to police.

And it's worth noting that this is an identical scenario to this
current case:  Hillsong founder Brian Houston has been
charged with allegedly concealing his father Frank's sexual
abuse of children in the 1970s.  The charge against Houston
is one of "concealing a serious indictable offence".

—Why has Hollingworth avoided police charges?  Obviously
   friends in high places [sic].


Side note:  According to  Kooyoora, "Any adult who forms a
reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed
by an adult against a child under 16 has an obligation to report
that information to Police. Failure to disclose the information
to Police is a criminal offence
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Anglican Church Refuses to Defrock Hollingworth
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