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Tom Flynn, Giant of American Freethought, Has Died at Age 66

Tom Flynn, Giant of American Freethought, Has Died at Age 66

Quote:The world has lost a towering figure of American freethought, a man who was both on the cutting edge of secular humanist thought, as well as the foremost caretaker of its rich history. The entire Center for Inquiry family is anguished by the sudden and unexpected death of our colleague, teacher, and friend Tom Flynn at age 66.

Tom held numerous leadership roles during his more than thirty years with the Center for Inquiry, most recently as editor of Free Inquiry magazine, director of the Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum and the Freethought Trail, and former executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism.

But this collection of titles does not nearly convey the plainer truth, which is that Tom Flynn was the beating heart of the Center for Inquiry and indeed the wider freethought movement.

A stark rationalist and staunch atheist if ever there was one, Tom was nonetheless brimming with enthusiasm, curiosity, bold ideas, and perhaps most of all, humor. He had a deep love and encyclopedic knowledge of freethought history and devoted himself to the preservation and rediscovery of American freethought’s great untold stories.

At the same time, he was a true visionary whose future-focused ideas about religion, atheism, equality, and the existential crises we face as a global civilization were once considered radical but now seem prescient. He was a virtuoso of the written word, penning not only countless articles and essays but also science fiction novels and the defiantly revelatory book The Trouble with Christmas.

Never even heard of this guy but I respect the hell out of him now. And 66 is too young.
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Tom Flynn, Giant of American Freethought, Has Died at Age 66
Yeah, never heard of him either. Clearly he left a deep impression.
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Tom Flynn, Giant of American Freethought, Has Died at Age 66
Flynn in his persona of "Anti Claus":

[Image: The_Anti-Claus-300x279.jpg]


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