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101 Contradictions in the Bible

101 Contradictions in the Bible
Both Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumeria had ritual cleansing concepts.

There is hardly anything that the "Jews" invented on their own..... except "don't buy retail."
Robert G. Ingersoll : “No man with a sense of humor ever founded a religion.”

101 Contradictions in the Bible
A form of monotheism was attempted in Egypt, and was probably the first time for it, 1000 years before the Hebrew prophets began to insist on it.
The Hebrew "heavenly host" consisted of many divine beings, (being divine for them did not mean equivalence to Yahweh).

Egyptologists don't agree on what form it took. It was not popular, and the experiment was ended with Akhenaten's demise, after one generation.
The Jews were not monotheistic until after the "return" from Babylon, (which did not happen as the Bible describes it), when the concept of individualism came in from the Greeks.
They were monolateral polytheists.

Another thing the Christians got wrong, was the notion of "the son of god".
God had many "sons". Prophets, generals, priests, political figures. Being a "son of god" simply meant "a righteous person".
It did not mean somehow a direct filial relationship with Yahweh, as it was twisted into by the ignorance of later Christian leaders who were not Jews.

101 Contradictions in the Bible
Interesting Thesis that came up when searching "Bible Passages So Ambiguous They Have Opposite Meanings"  It's long - but cogent arguments often are.  Think of it as equivalent to the 100 posts only 100 words long you happily read at a sitting, not realizing you're taking in 10,000 words that if you saw them as a single post, you'd skip.

I was intrigued to discover there are TWO accounts of the fig tree - and that neither account matches how every post I've seen recounts it - reinforcing the article's main point.
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