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Is this about right?

Is this about right?
[Image: nUV364g.jpg]
And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?
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Is this about right?
Well, it leaves out the part that there wasn't any actual death, just a few days of corporeal torture inflicted on a body that had the capacity to not feel it and was unaffected by it.

It's ghoulish and gruesome and sanctimoniously whiny that the followers chose as the symbol to represent them a depiction of man's most extreme depravity, a crucifixion, instead of a symbol conveying honor, hope, competence, love or triumph.  It says look what our hero could withstand, not look at what our hero did to make a better world.  And by showcasing what that hero could withstand, as if a few days of physical injury that were non-fatal were the apex of cruelty, essentially mocks the genuine suffering of people enduring disease, deformity and terrorization by associates, spouses and criminals.
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Is this about right?
Doesn't mention him raping a young Palestinian woman, either.
Robert G. Ingersoll : “No man with a sense of humor ever founded a religion.”

Is this about right?
It's about right but it omitted part about him being genocidal tyrant.
Man’s innate yearning for freedom can be suppressed but never destroyed. Totalitarianism cannot renounce violence. If it does, it perishes. Eternal, ceaseless violence, overt or covert, is the basis of totalitarianism. Man does not renounce freedom voluntarily.

Vasily Grossman

Is this about right?
And where were his other two selves when this shit was going down? Or were they the real perps and daft arse was setup to take the rap.

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