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The IT Thread

The IT Thread
(10-08-2019, 10:45 PM)Gawdzilla Sama Wrote: Some of that was in English.


You can always use more private and reliable DNS servers, and in this guide we'll show how to change these settings on Windows 10.

If you use Windows and I suspect you do, here is how to set up using static DNS servers.  I suggest Cloudflare's DNS server at which has done far better for me that ATT ever did.  Google's DNS server is which is a good backup DNS server.
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The IT Thread
For any Australians out there who want to try a static DNS server set up, you may want to google for the best Australian static DNS servers. That should work better than a server on the other side of Earth.


Fast & Secure Public DNS Servers Australia | Ultra Fast DNS Resolution | High Speed Links

Speed Up Your Internet Browsing For Free. Secure your Internet Connection With DNS Australia
Australian DNS Servers | Fastest DNS Servers In Australia With Content Filtering & DNS Firewall.
Recursive DNS Servers
I am a sovereign citizen of the Multiverse, and I vote!

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The IT Thread
A new COVID-19-themed malware has been reported as spreading through Emails.

Microsoft says the email contains an Office file that uses the aging Excel 4.0 macros,
which—in turn—deploy, when opened, a remote access tool named NetSupport Manager.
Both are legitimate tools redeployed by hackers to fulfill different malicious goals.

The emails purport to come from The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
bearing the header "WHO COVID-19 SITUATION REPORT".

The Excel files open w/ security warning and show a graph of supposed coronavirus
cases in the US. If allowed to run, the malicious Excel 4.0 macro downloads and runs
NetSupport Manager RAT.

Once the NetSupport Manager RAT is deployed, further files are downloaded, including
a few .dll, .ini, and other .exe files, a VBScript, and an obfuscated PowerSploit-based
PowerShell script. When the procedure is complete, it connects to a Command and Control
center to await further commands.
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The IT Thread
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