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Damned Catholics

Damned Catholics
(09-19-2023, 11:15 AM)Deesse23 Wrote: For the first time a german Cardinal is under suspicion of sexual abuse. Cardinal Hengsbach (died in 1991) who led the Bishopric of Essen for more than 30 years is suspected of sexual abuse of minors (raped a 16y old girl in 1954, with his brother).
Another woman accused him in 2010, and although the Bishopric denied any of this, money was paid to her......go figure.

I think its a little bit pointless, too little, too late. The Cardinal is dead for 30 years, and lots of people involved/responsible too.

Actually decades of abuse were known of in the choir of Benedict's brother.
I may be wrong, but see what you think. Smile

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