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Three Biggest Objections To The Christian God.

Three Biggest Objections To The Christian God.
(04-17-2024, 03:54 AM)Aliza Wrote:
(04-16-2024, 02:56 AM)Cavebear Wrote: *Sigh*.  OK, yes, first I appreciate the site's existence very much.  I've been to atheist sites that were just straight-out atheists/theists insulting each other.  And I've been to one with such technical debate about the bible that I couldn't follow it at all.  This one feels like a good balance.  And besides, I really want to discuss other things, just with fellow atheists.  

Second, I didn't know this was your site (meaning only that I've never quite figured out who is really in charge of it.  If it truly is yours, then of course you can hardly be an "intruder".  I just find it odd that there are theists at a a place called "Atheist Discussion Forum".  I would never bother people at a site called "Theist Discussion Forum".  There are sites that seem to have specific purposes and I leave those sites to people of those beliefs.  I don't go trolling...

Third, if I had my own site, it would be up to me who participates, right?  Since this is your site, you can have any rules you want.  I just personally think it is odd that theists come here, and I admittedly don't like it when they do.  The options of theists are not important to me (when they discuss theism).  If a theist posts about politics or social issues without cluttering up the discussion about "God (any God) said so", I don't mind a bit.  Any factually-accurate non-religious discussion is just fine with me.

Fourth, you mentioned you were Jewish.  And I know the old cliché about "Some of my best friends...".  I have posted before that In my case virtually all my friends have been Jewish.  It's not that I believe in their deity and religious texts any more than any others.  But none have ever tried to convert me to their's.  That has made for peaceful and close friendships.  They don't tell me I should become a Jew and I don't tell them they should become an Atheist.  Neither side discusses it much or is trying to change the other.  So we are comfortable around each other.

Fifth, I understand what you mean by "I gotta chew on that for a bit, but I don't think I could be that kind of person".  I appreciate anyone who thinks first before reacting.  Thought matters.  I often read a post to come back to it later after I've had a chance to think about what was posted.  Sometimes, I realize my initial impression missed some understanding.  

In the same sense that leaving a question in my mind often leads to a solution later, leaving some post unimmediately-answered often leads to a better response.  Oh, sure, some posts are easy to answer at once.  I don't have much problem discussing politics immediately.  But some take more time.  

Lastly, I want to make sure you understand this is a friendly reply.  I am not upset in any way.  We disagree about theists (discussing theistic issues) on the site.  But that doesn't change my generally positive opinion of you (and a couple others) personally.  As I said, there are degrees of "intruderness".  There is a great difference between someone posting "my belief in God helps me" and someone saying "You are going to Hell, you poor damned atheist".  LOL!

Thank you for the considered reply, and I hope this more detailed post helps you to understand what I was thinking.

That was a thoughtful reply post, and I genuinely appreciate the tone you took. Thank you for that.

I’ve previously explained in this thread that I created this forum with Mathilda and Dom. There are several motivations that go into why I have continued to run AD despite not being an atheist myself. Religion in concept doesn’t bother me, but I dislike fundamentalism of all stripes. I find Christian fundamentalists to be far more outspoken than fundies of other religions, so that tends to be where my focus is.

My informal observation is that religious people who come to an atheist forum are either here to proselytize or they’re here to understand what atheists think because maybe they’re questioning their religion on some level. It’s not a firm observation, I don’t fall into either camp. – But creating a space for religious discussion that might help someone find their way out of a cult-level, fundamentalist religion is a big part of why this forum exists. Maybe atheism, agnosticism, or deism can be a better fit for them.

Note that you don’t have to participate in religious discussion if that topic bothers you. It's primarily contained to specific areas, namely the board called "Atheism & Theism." I called it that so members would know where to concentrate their discussion about religion and likewise which board to avoid if those topics bother them. 

Provided they are not proselytizing, theists are permitted to post here. They're full members of this forum and they can post anywhere they like, but the coffee house is usually free of the deeply religious people who are here just to proselytize because they find those boards to be a waste of their time. Posting outside of the Atheism & Theism board is a good indication of who is here to talk and meet people, and who is here to push their religion, btw. -But there will be a point where I’m not going to continue to stand for people on this forum bashing others solely because they think differently.

I thank you for understanding my post and POV (in general).

You point about theists coming here are here "to understand what atheists think because maybe they’re questioning their religion on some level" is interesting. While I have never seen a theist change their minds (or atheists either), I agree that some understanding may take place. Sometimes it takes people a long time to alter assumptions.

There are 2 general problems I have with theists here. Mostly that they come here to "convert us wicked atheists". I've never met a theist who cared enough to post who didn't seem determined to "save us all". And it isn't that I doubt their good intent. I've just heard the same stuff so many times before.

But also, that they assume we atheists can't have morals without the advice of a deity. Actually, I tend to say "ethics", as morals seem religious and ethics seem more humanistically-developed. So, I guess if theists read our posts discussing "right/wrong", solutions to social issues, and concerns about people world-wide and realize we are not some sort of evil demons, that is a good thing. Maybe some of them even leave because they decide we are "sort of OK".

I could argue with theists on the forum a lot more than I do. I try to leave them alone; I don't always succeed. Sometimes, claims are so outrageous, I just have to reply. I don't hate them. As Mr T used to say "I pity the fools".

Lastly, I still say that if I ever create an atheist form of my own (and I would need a serious techie to do it), I would be a good bit stricter than you are here. Well, it would, after all, be "my forum". But this is the best one so far...

Andt you have convinced me that you have a pretty well-managed forum with good intentions here. And I can live with that.
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