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Tithes to churches or Universal Health Care

Tithes to churches or Universal Health Care
(12-16-2020, 05:34 PM)Aegon Wrote: I believe his point is that if the federal government taxed mega-churches that would be a significant revenue stream, and that revenue could be used to fund a robust public healthcare system.

Not exactly, but close. My point, since Percie seems to have such a problem grasping it, is that the deity they claim to follow -- one who urged his followers to care for the indigent and argued that wealth was no measure of importance -- is worshipped by followers who largely fight tooth-and-nail against any idea of social responsibility for the less fortunate, whether it's health care or other issues.

Now, I do think churches should be taxed anyway, and that could certainly provide funding for health-care for the poor, which is what.Jesus.would.do.

Unfortunately, like any good conservative, ole Percie here got caught up in worrying about money rather than people, which skewed his understanding of my point.
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