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  Lola Bunny's Desexualized 'Space Jam 2' Redesign Sparks Intense Debate
Posted by: GenesisNemesis - 4 hours ago - Forum: Movies and Television - Replies (1)


Quote: Lola Bunny looks a little different in the new Space Jam movie Space Jam: A New Legacy and her new desexualized appearance has sparked a debate on social media. 

In the original 1996 Looney Tunes movie, starring Michael Jordan, the anthropomorphic rabbit Lola Bunny had more of an hourglass figure and wore small shorts and a cropped sports top. Around the release of the first film in 1996, animator Tony Cervone said: "We kind of pumped her up more in the feminine attributes department."

But director of Space Jam: A New Legacy, Malcolm D Lee, told Entertainment Weekly that he was caught off guard by the first movie's "very sexualized" depiction of Lola Bunny, and said: "This is 2021. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters."

That is NOT the sexualized female bunny character I remember from my childhood. I am outraged. Outraged!  Angry

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  Tell me a story
Posted by: Dancefortwo - Yesterday, 06:17 PM - Forum: Art and Literature - Replies (12)

I don't care how you write it.  I dont' care how long it is.  It can be three words long...fine with me.  Include pictures?  Sure.  Emojis?  Sure!  Make comments? Sure!  Make nasty comments?  Sure!  I'm easy.  Wait, I'm not that kind of easy.  Dodgy    

It can be crappy writing and spelling, which is kinda how I write or it can be the next greatest thing since Hamlet.      Just tell me a story.    Girl_yes2    

I think I'll start and I think I'll call it.....wait for it.......

Fish Hooks and Testicals

As many of you probably know I grew up in the Tahoe area in a log cabin in very rustic conditions.  Often our only source of food was the fish that swam in the Upper Truckee river near our Cabin.    Just so you know, our family always capitalizes the word "Cabin" when referencing the "Cabin" because it this broken down dwelling has taken on almost mythic proportions.   It deserves a capital "C".

One of my brothers, David, was an expert fisherman even at the age of 8. By the time he was 13 he was pulling fish out of the Truckee by the score. My other brother, Michael, didn't have the patience and was fish-cursed like the Biblical Abel except without the fratricide.  There was always a friendly fish rivalry between these two very close brothers but the fishing came to a crashing halt for Michael when he did something very, very stupid. 

Michael's fishing ineptitude took a new turn for the worse when he carelessly put a fish hook which was attached to five inches of looped leader in his pants pocket.  While he was out for hours pretending to fish, as he would get side tracked by nature and other destractions, the hook worked it's way through the pocket lining and hooked itself into his right testical.    He pulled his pants down to inspect the problem and decided he would slowly walk home to extract it privately and avoid embarrassment.  The walk home over logs and mountain terrain was, shall we say, epic. 

When Michael got home he slipped into a private corner of the Cabin, or as private as he could make it in such small quarters, to extract the fish hook but lacked the courage to...um....do the deed and pull it out.   His only recourse was to inform our mother of his boyhood predictament. 

He quietly wispered, "Mom, I have a fish hook stuck in my nuts."   

She replied, "You have a fish hook stuck in your nuts!"  

The secret was out.  A family of 6 immediately turned to see this amazing situation.   My mother pulled up a chair to inspect the problem and decided to extract the hook with a pair of pliers.  The barbs were keeping the hook from sliding out. 

Mom said as delicately as she could, "This is going to hurt...... but there is no other choice"   When you mother says something is going to hurt it's a sure bet it's going to be extremely painful and before she finished that sentence she yanked.....yes, I said "yanked" the hook out of his testical. The pain shot through Michael's body and up through his head.   Hydrogen peroxide and bandaids were immediately applied. 

He never went fishing again...

.... until he bought a boat when he was in his mid 20's and living in British Columbia near the coast.   One day he was out on his boat fishing and pulling in too-small, thow-back-in-the-ocean-fish when he saw another group of fishermen on a much larger boat struggling for the better par of an hour to haul in a huge catch.  He realized it was George Bush, at the time the Vice President.   Michael decided that was it for him and fishing.  He hung up his fishing pole for good. There were too many fish in the sea and none of the good ones ever bit his hook.....except for his right testical.

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  There Is A Downside To This
Posted by: Minimalist - Yesterday, 04:35 PM - Forum: World News, Politics and Current Events - Replies (20)


Quote:The Rise of the Biden Republicans

The pollster who identified “Reagan Democrats” in the 1980s sees the emergence of a mirror image voting bloc. And it spells trouble for a GOP dominated by Trump.

That downside, and here I will beat Mord to the punch, is that they will water down the influence of the progressive wing of the Democratic party even more.  We are essentially left with two choices.

Centrism or fascism.

For most sane people it will not be a difficult choice.

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  Microsoft Mesh feels like the virtual future of Microsoft Teams meetings
Posted by: GenesisNemesis - Yesterday, 03:50 PM - Forum: Science, Engineering and Mathematics - Replies (5)


Quote: Last week, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman, the inventor of Kinect and HoloLens, appeared in my living room to hand me jellyfish and sharks. That might sound like I had a weird dream, but it was a meeting made possible through Microsoft’s new Mesh platform. I donned a HoloLens 2 headset, joined a virtual meeting room, and Kipman immediately appeared next to my coffee table, ready to demonstrate Microsoft’s vision for the future of VR and AR — or as Microsoft calls it, mixed reality. 

It all felt like a Microsoft Teams meeting set in the future.

Mesh is a collaborative platform that allows anyone to have shared virtual experiences on a variety of devices. “This has been the dream for mixed reality, the idea from the very beginning,” explains Kipman. “You can actually feel like you’re in the same place with someone sharing content or you can teleport from different mixed reality devices and be present with people even when you’re not physically together.”
Initially, Mesh will present people as virtual avatars taken from the AltspaceVR social network that Microsoft acquired back in 2017. Mesh will eventually support what Microsoft calls “holoportation,” allowing people to appear as themselves in a virtual space.

I'm most interested in what this allows for collaborative art or music projects, and what it allows for education. Lots of potential. 

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  Intro and 7 Wonders of Jewish History
Posted by: Get_to_the_Truth - Yesterday, 02:51 PM - Forum: Atheism & Theism - Replies (76)

Hello again, this is GttT with the 7 Wonders of Jewish History (Henceforth 7WoJH). (You can skip this intro if you need). Sorry for the delay.

In order to avoid us misunderstanding each other, avoid discussions that go off on tangents, and becuase there may be confusion as most of you are coming from Christian backrounds (Judaism =/= Christianity) I will lay down some parameters of discussion. Im not really sure how much this is needed tbh, as this is my first work post here. So if Im stepping over the line and you know all this, or I wrote to much, just lmk.

Please stick to rebuttals on the topic, while there is a lot on religion to discuss, its most productive if we go one topic at a time.

First off, I do agree with the basic premise of Athiesm, which is that things are unproven, generally assumed untrue until proven true. This is because there are so many more ways the reality doesnt work, than ways it does. So if you want to posit xyz is how reality works, prove it. Next, I am not looking to be 100% sure of anything, only up until an unreasonable doubt. This is a bit of a subjective measurement, but even so, sometimes its more obvious than others, and I will do my best to be as objective as I can. In my words, if Im 80% or 90% sure of something, thats enough.

 Second, No ad hominim attacks please, or on Religious Jews (such as, 'but Jewish schools dont teach evolution, so they dont know anything!').  You may be right, you may be wrong, but either has no bearing on if Judiasm is true. No ad hominim attacks on the Torah either please (such as 'its sexist'). Again, wether right or wrong, how appealing you think it is has no bearing on how true it is. In general, I hope Im preaching to the choir (heh) here, but it is intellectual responses that prove something right or wrong, not emotional ones. 

Third, No rebuttals from bible criticism that axiomatically assume the Torah is manmade. (such as, but 'we know it wasnt written by God, since we know the Torah is manmade'. Or 'yeah but judiasm isnt true, cause the jews got their idea of God from the babylonians'). No, we dont know those, much of that field and their conclusions is based on archeology, which is far from a hard science. To be clear about what I mean, I am willing to consider that the Torah is manmade of course, and willing to accept historical events rebuttal, from bible criticism. But to say something like 'we know that the jews got their God from the neighboring tribes, cause obviously they didnt get it from God 'Himself' ', and then later say 'See, we know the Torah isnt true because they got it from the Neighboring tribes' is circular reasoning.

I dont think it makes no sense for the Torah to be true if it describes God doing things the break the laws of nature. If God does exist and made the universe, of course 'He' could play with its laws. 
Also, no dogmatic axiom that materialism is true. To get to the Truth (heh), you have to be at least willing to consider that God and spirituality exist.
Rebuttals that destroy the Christian position on a matter don't necessarily mean that matter is wrong; Christianity and its views do not represent Judaism. 
Honestly, even if they look similar on the surface, Judaism really is pretty different.

Naturally Contradictory: Where one phenomena makes it naturally less likely the other will occur. Not impossible, and if it does happen, it will happen through natural means. But it is a lot less likely an outcome because of the first phenomena. (I.e. Being severely dehydrated is naturally contradictory to winning a footrace. It can happen, and if it does, it will happen through natural means (aka, you literally just ran faster), but still winning that race is a lot less likely when one is severely dehydrated.)

Naturally Unlikely is just what it sounds like, and outcome you would not expect, or one that is unlikely in a natural world. Again, It can happen, and if it does, it will happen through natural means, but its unlikely. (i.e. In general, smaller people are naturally unlikely to win fights.) Often, a naturally contradicting phenomena can make an unlikely event even more unlikely. (i.e. being severely dehydrated makes it even less likely a small person will win a fight.)


The basic structure of this proof is that the Torah predicted these highly unlikely often naturally contradictory phenomena to happen to the jewish people across history, and they did. Additionally the prophecy itself is (often) suprising and unlikely if it was in a manmade religion. 
The predictions were made at a minimum of 2500 years ago, before any of these events take place.
Enough of this, and the unlikelyness builds to where it makes no sense that it would naturally occur in an unguided materialistic world, and really only makes sense if the same entity that wrote those predictions could also control history. aka God.

Some of these phenomena have happened to other nations/cultures as well (I.e. The Hellenistic Greeks had a similar cultural/educational impact on the world,) but all 7 happened to the jews. The difference between one (or even 2) unlikely phenomena happening to you, even ones that you guessed/predicted right, and 7 is a vast gulf in unlikeliness. So it isnt just about one or 2 wonders, but all of them happening as a whole. Especially when you add them together and many naturally contradict each other, yet they all still happened.

Im going to skip to the 2nd wonder here actually (which is more like 2 itself tbh, but it was been combined into one bigger one). Also I am trying to make the post as short as possible, so i may need to go back and add details later.

The Scattering of the Jews happened to a pretty high degree, and is pretty unlikely I think. In the initial diaspora of the 2nd temple, the jews were scattered (after and during the exile itself) to almost all of the (then) civilized world; all over the roman empire, to places in Mesopotamia, and upper africa. In the medieval peroid ish to almost all of Europe, the Muslim world, and a few more parts of Africa. In more modern times, North America, South America, more parts of asia, and Australia. 
The Jews have also been kept wandering; tons of expulsions from places they were living, then later coming back when reinvited. Persecution have driven tons of jews to move, large migrations to lands of more opportunity. The Jews have been kept on the move a ton. (On a national scale. For a person, to live in one place for 100 years is pretty sedentary, but on a national scale, a community that only exists 100 years in one place before it must pick itself up and move again is pretty mobile.)
The exile is also rare. Exile less so than Scaterring and Wandering to the extreme degree as the Jews have done, but still not that common. Usually the native population is killed, subjugated and brought into the empire, or restricted to one corner of their lands. and the jews were exiled 1.5 times (the .5 is the 2nd temple exile; only a half, cause only half of the jewish nation was there to be specifically exiled.), which is even rarer.
All of these are pretty rare (and therefore naturally unlikely) to happen to a nation, especially all 3. And yet they were predicted in the Torah, and in fact happened.
As well as I would think the prophecy itself is a little unlikely to happen/me made, if one is manufacturing a religion.

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Information EU blocks vaccine exports to Australia
Posted by: Aractus - Yesterday, 02:21 AM - Forum: World News, Politics and Current Events - Replies (21)

I'm going to do my block. Just as I said all along, just as I foreshadowed they would do, Europe have today proven for good and all that they are untrustworthy cunts!!

Remember how I said a little while back that the Chinese cunts were cunts for hoarding PPE and that the EU's new law designed to block exports of vaccines to the countries that actually funded the research like Australia was absolutely no different?

Well today the Italian cunts blocked our vaccines. 250,000 of them. Our vaccines that we fucking paid for. I said this would happen, I said it would be us - Australia (or NZ) that they target first - and I've been proven right. Absolutely shameless bunch of fucking cunts.

It wasn't enough that they criticised us for closing our borders, that they criticised us for setting up quarantine, that they criticised us for using contract-tracing. Meanwhile because Europe had absolutely no fucking clue what they were doing they let the pandemic China virus get completely out of control. They completely failed to control the spread using simple low-tech public health interventions - like quarantine, contact-tracing, mass-testing, and so-on.

I hate to say I told you so - I would have preferred to be wrong. Fuck Europe.

Italy didn't invest enough in the vaccines, they have absolutely no right to steal our doses. Italy didn't do a fucking thing except let the pandemic kill 100,000 Italians. They're not your vaccines you fucking thieving cunts.

We should block all exports of opium to the EU in response. I've said that before. You stupid cunts would be totally fucked without morphine - where do you think you're going to get it from if we cut off supply and hoard it for ourselves? Turkey? Good luck, you'll be stealing the US's supply if you do that and the US has a massive army and nukes they would soon put Europe into their place.

It'd be perfectly fair as well - we could send our opium to the third world countries that need it the most. There's a global under-supply so we'd be helping out impoverished nations to properly care for their sick. I think it's a fucking genius idea, it'd be fantastic to find out how Europe copes without the supply of medicinal opium that they need.

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  "The New Testament is better" -pet peeve
Posted by: GenesisNemesis - 03-03-2021, 05:29 PM - Forum: Atheism & Theism - Replies (38)

So I always hear people say the New Testament is better than the Old Testament because Jesus said some nice things in it, but people seem to gloss over the fact that the New Testament contains the book of Revelation... which is what makes Christianity an apocalyptic death cult.  hobo

Just a lil' pet peeve.

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  Happy birthday, Kimmie!
Posted by: Vera - 03-03-2021, 04:26 PM - Forum: Announcements, Milestones, & Holidays - Replies (10)

Here's a tiny, tiny violet (that I macro-photographed so it looks much bigger ;-)) - one of the first spring flowers around here!

[Image: IMG-20200410-170934.jpg]

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  Christian Porter is the Cabinet Rapist -
Posted by: Aractus - 03-03-2021, 09:19 AM - Forum: World News, Politics and Current Events - Replies (11)


So a bunch of schitzos on Twitter worked out the “unnamed alleged cabinet rapist” was Porter and were saying so for days. That's right a bunch of schitzo cunts on twitter put it together days ago and joined the dots correctly as it turns out. Today we had confirmation, when the First Law Officer of the land, the Attorney General himself Christian Porter held a press conference to admit that he was the subject of the brutal 1988 rape allegation. Then he went on to deny the allegation. I was wondering what defence an experienced lawyer such as himself would offer - I mean we've seen the way not to go about it. After all high profile people do sometimes face false sexual assault allegations - some of the allegations against Trump spring to mind, take Jean Carroll's allegation as an example - she's three years older than Trump and we know he doesn't go for the older ladies, so her claim looks unlikely. We saw the shameful and disastrous way that Bill Clinton handled his affair with Monica Lewinsky coming out and outright lying to the populous by denying all claims (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”). Likewise we saw President Biden basically display to the world that he's guilty as sin over the Tara Reade allegation. Biden's handlers “defended” the claims by launching a brutal attack on her character - basically the Chewbacca defence. President Trump's main defence against his accusers was to parade out his own female character witnesses (the same defence used by Michael Jackson and his lawyers).

So imagine my surprise, or lack-there-of, when the alleged Cabinet Rapist Mr. Christian Porter went with the Bill Clinton defence!

He repeatedly lied during his own press conference:

He claimed that journos didn't bother asking him for his side before publication of the allegation - that's not what the journos say: Karen Sweeney, Neil Mitchell, and multiple others. The questions were put to his office, he didn't answer them.

He claimed that it would be grossly unfair to hold an inquiry to determine the truth - nope. That's standard normal legal procedure in matters like this whether he likes it or not. He's basically claiming it should be one rule for us plebs and another one for him. He claimed he can't prove his innocence - he doesn't have to prove his innocence at all. That's again intended to mislead. You just look at the evidence at hand and make a determination about what probably happened in 1988 with the complainant Katharine Jane Thornton. That's it. If it's just the complainant's un-sworn word against his then of course that doesn't meet the requirements for the balance of evidence to show that a brutal rape took place that was perpetrated by Mr Porter against Ms Thornton in 1988.

But there may be other evidence. It's been reported that the late Ms. Thornton left behind detailed diaries. Maybe she told people - friends or family - in 1988 about the alleged incident.

Porter also claimed that his memory is perfect - nope! Again that is not something that can be considered true in a court of law today. We know that such a thing as false memories and suppressed memories exist. Heck the entire allegation could be the result of a false memory.

Whatever the case no one should be believing Porter's side of this unchallenged. He kept claiming that “the incident never occurred”. Well he doesn't know that. Perhaps if he really is innocent, there was a brutal rape and Ms. Thornton believed it was Mr Porter who carried out the assault. That kind of thing can happen - the brain doesn't like to have gaps of knowledge so it fills in blanks with stuff it makes up. The only thing Porter knows if he's innocent is that he didn't carry out the rape.

That's not the only example of where he makes claims about the facts that go beyond the realm of his knowledge as a supposedly innocent party.

Let's also not forget that white-anting traitor Malcolm Turnbull has also been stoking the fire by giving interviews where he says stuff like he knew Ms. Thornton and doesn't think her death was suicide. He also went on 730 a day or two ago to say “everyone knows who it is, he should just come forward” and I took that to mean he was confirming what the Twitter cunts were saying which is that it was Porter (which we've now seen is accurate).

I haven't watched the 4cnrs report yet, but apparently it shows that Porter is a nasty piece of work:

Finally I'd have to watch his press conference again, but my initial impression was that he was deceptive. He showed no empathy at all for the complainant. He played the victim, used his raw emotions to try and persuade his audience of his version, and the entire show was one of self-pity and “outrage” at being the recipient of a complaint. Sorry you cunt, that doesn't cut the mustard or as the smirking leader in chief would say - doesn't pass the pub test.

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  New Secular Community Survey
Posted by: Cheerful Charlie - 03-03-2021, 05:41 AM - Forum: Atheism & Theism - Replies (14)


We’re excited to announce the launch of the Secular Communities Survey, the largest-ever study of the community life of secular and non-religious people in the United States. The survey opened yesterday, on March 1st, and will remain open until April 11th. If you’re part of a secular community, we’d love for you to participate. You can take the survey here.

Line up, sign up, and re-enlist today.

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