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Hurricane Hanna Destroys Part Of Trump's Border Wall

Hurricane Hanna Destroys Part Of Trump's Border Wall

Will Mexico pay for repairs?  Apparently, the fact that Texas gets hurricanes was not taken into account by this wall's designers.  Another shameful Trump failure.  Money wasted.  The jokes write themselves.
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Hurricane Hanna Destroys Part Of Trump's Border Wall
Numerous correspondents are saying this is a bogus description...

"Mexican news outlet Debate claimed in an article that the video was filmed at
a section of the wall dividing Texas from Ciudad Camargo in the state of Tamaulipas.

However, Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff refuted that report in a tweet, saying
that Customs and Border Patrol officials told him the video was not recorded in the
Rio Grande Valley.

Miroff wrote:  Unclear where it was filmed, but based on desert terrain, daytime
recording, and style of bollards, I’m guessing these are images of a monsoon out
west, prob Arizona

Of particular note is that Hanna passed though that region during night-time hours.
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