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UK Labour: RLB sacking

UK Labour: RLB sacking
So firstly, let me say I may have been wrong about Keir Starmer. I was expecting continuity Corbyn, as I've said before, especially as Keir was the chief architect of Labour's remainary Brexit position (hold a 2nd referendum and campaign against their own Brexit deal). Also, putting Corbynites into the shadow cabinet was a shockingly poor decision, and even worse is the fact that his entire shadow cabinet is made up of Remainers - not a single Eurosceptic/Brexiteer to be found!

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been sacked from the Shadow Cabinet for retweeting a link to this article by Maxine Peake. We'll let's look at some of Peake's article:

“We’ve got to save humanity,” says the venerated actor and activist, who in her youth was a card-carrying communist. “We’re being ruled by capitalist, fascist dictators. It’s entrenched, isn’t it? We’ve got to the point where protecting capital is much more important than anybody’s life. How do we dig out of that? How do we change?”

That should be enough as far as I'm concerned to sack RLB. When you label people that you don't like “fascists” when they're nothing of the sort, not only do you diminish the meaning of the term, but you are also labelling people with a highly offensive term that you've completely failed to understand. Why not use valid arguments? It represents a poor attempt at using stigma against your political opponents, it's completely disrespectful of history - not just Nazi Germany but fascism in general (the NAZIs themselves never defined their political movement as fascist). In fact without Nazi Germany, fascism would mean something different as its meaning had to be broadened somewhat to include it. In any case, BREXIT is not an ultra-nationalist fascist movement (and even if it were it wouldn't mean there is a fascist government), and neither Trump nor the pro-Capitalist pro-nationalist leaders and governments in the UK, US, and here in Australia are in the slightest bit "fascist". If there is one common defining feature of fascism, which must be present, in my opinion it is that the fascist power is idealised by the goal of returning the State to a past political state that they think will bring about a utopia. Therefore fascist powers would be removing progress, re-integrating State and Church for example, removing the separation of powers between Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary, and ultimately removing democratic processes so that their power can be retained. And of course using military violence to control the citizenry. Those are just some of the examples that you would need to see from a fascist power.

Nationalism is not the same as fascism.

“Well,” says Peake when I mention that line, “if you talk about the formation of religion, it’s about control isn’t it? And with what’s happening in America at the moment, it’s about financial control. It’s about keeping the poor in their place.”

Once again we see Peake's prejudice coming through, and this is a often repeated stigma amongst forum members here as well. No the formation of religion is not all about control! In fact not at all about it. A universal religion can become a tool for control, particularly when integrated with the State, however religions form from ancient people's world-views.

“Well, we get rid of it when we get rid of capitalism as far as I’m concerned. That’s what it’s all about. The establishment has got to go. We’ve got to change it.” Born in Bolton to a lorry driver father and care worker mother, Peake is strident and expressive; if religion wasn’t anathema to her, she’d be perfect in the pulpit. “Systemic racism is a global issue,” she adds. “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.” (Though a spokesperson for the Israeli police has denied this, a 2016 Amnesty International report said that hundreds of law enforcement officials had travelled to Israel for training.)

So the Jews are responsible for the killing of George Floyd, which by the way was not caused by systemic racism but rather by police brutality. I think it's more important to solve police brutality, and then address any systemic racism in policing. Anyway this is probably the bit that got RLB sacked, or rather Keir used as a justification to get rid of her. It's completely anti-Semitic especially given that modern Jews are amongst the most religiously tolerant people in the world.

Also reading all the comments from hard-left Socialists claiming this wasn't anti-Semitic... yes it absolutely was. It was made in the context of an article slamming all religion as fundamentally about control, and labelling all pro-Capitalists as fascists. It is breathtakingly ignorant to try to claim that is not anti-Semitic - you cannot compartmentalise this statement into an “anti-Israeli government” statement because it is in no way a fair and balanced criticism of Israel. And all her claims linking religious intolerance to religions are also in error - so-called atheist nation-States can be just as religiously intolerant and oppressive to minorities, such as the officially atheist Communist China government.

Peake campaigned for the Labour Party at the last general election, and was a vocal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn even as many people turned their back on him. “Those people who were normally Labour supporters who felt they couldn’t vote Labour? Well I’m sorry, they voted Tory as far as I’m concerned,” says Peake. “And it breaks my heart, because you know what? I didn’t like Tony Blair, but I still voted Labour because anything’s better than the Tories. There’s a lot of people who should hang their heads in shame. People going, ‘Oh, I can join the Labour Party again because Keir Starmer’s there,’ well shame on you.”

So this is an interesting bit. This is where her ideology becomes quite dangerous, and it can lead to the erosion of democracy as it has in the United States. In the US you had Republicans ahead of the 2008 election saying they would never accept an Obama presidency. Then in 2016 you had the same thing but this time from Democrats saying they would never accept a Trump presidency. Democracy works by loser's consent. You need to accept the result even if it's disappointing for you. But more importantly, it's utterly revolting to label people who didn't vote the way that you think they should have as inadequate/stupid/etc (in this case as Peake claims they should “hang their heads in shame”). The only people who should hang their heads in shame are those who didn't vote - every voter should be proud that they voted no matter who it was for.

The real reason RLB was sacked may have been over an internal Labour party dispute over backing the Tories' policy to re-open schools (RLB was the shadow education minister). The reason why this would have been the case, is the same thing we saw here in Australia where the education unions lobbied the State & Territory governments heavily.

Writing in an OP-ed in the Guardian, RLB claims that Keir's decision and actions against her “was a mess, and an avoidable one”! LOL. Has this woman no shame? Well we know now that Keir is a ruthless political operative, not unlike his opponent Boris Johnson. Still though Boris united the parliamentary UK Tory party against all expectations, I can't imagine that Keir is going to unite Labour this way... but I was already wrong about him so let's wait and see shall we?

UK Labour: RLB sacking
Quote:“We’re being ruled by capitalist, fascist dictators.

Just like 'Murrica!

Looks like Orwell got it right.
Robert G. Ingersoll : “No man with a sense of humor ever founded a religion.”
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UK Labour: RLB sacking
(06-30-2020, 04:53 AM)Aractus Wrote: Therefore fascist powers would be removing progress, re-integrating State and Church for example, removing the separation of powers between Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary, and ultimately removing democratic processes so that their power can be retained.

As an American, this is all very familiar.

Makes me wonder why you've plumped for Trump for so long.
Freedom isn't free.

UK Labour: RLB sacking
(06-30-2020, 02:18 PM)Thumpalumpacus Wrote: As an American, this is all very familiar.

Makes me wonder why you've plumped for Trump for so long.

I can't stand Trump.

But as I've said *repeatedly* I think GW Bush was objectively worse, and Crooked Hillary is nothing but a war criminal.

UK Labour: RLB sacking
Sir Keir isn't the continuity Corbynite, RLB was.
He's actually the Punch & Judy act, taking all positions that oppose Boris Johnson regardless of mutual contradictions.
eg; He has called for both tighter and looser lockdown restrictions simultaneously, as such he's mostly just hot air.
The party believers of course hear the version they want to and ignore the contradiction proclaiming that he'd be far more effective than the current PM despite clearly not having any sort of plan.
RLB of course was just a megaphone for the Corbynites so what happened was inevitable and likely to be repeated with other members of the group as they step out of line.

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