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Extortion by hacker

Extortion by hacker
The University of California in San Francisco got hacked and then had $1,140,000 extorted in a dark web "negotiation" by a groupcalled Netwalker.
Quote:Hi UCSF, don't be shy we can work together on the current incident
UCSF then asked for the chat to be hidden from the public
Quote:Done, your data is hide fromour blog. Now, let's discuss
A UCSF negotiator offered $780,000
Quote:How can I accept $780,000? Is like I worked for nothing. You can collect money in a couple of hours. You need to take is seriously... I am 100% sure you will more than our price what we asked. 
UCSF raised their offer to $1.02 million
Quote:I spook with my boss. I sent him all messages and he can't understand... Is really hard to understand and realise you can get $1,020,895...

Extortion by hacker
Ever heard of backups?

Extortion by hacker
I'm sure the hackers have.
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