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Ladybug robot

Ladybug robot
... inspired by origami.

"Researchers at Seoul National University have recently developed a compact and lightweight origami structure inspired by ladybird beetles. In a paper published in Science Robotics they show how this structure can be used to build a winged jump-gliding robot. Jump-gliding is a specific locomotion style that combines gliding and jumping movements.

"Our goal was to develop a wing for a jump-gliding robot," Kyu-Jin Cho, director of soft robot research center and lead researcher for the study, told TechXplore. "Jump-gliding locomotion can increase the energy efficiency and travel distance of the robot. To do this, the wings should be foldable, rapidly deployable and resilient under aerodynamic forces."

In past studies, most researchers developing jump-gliding robots adopted design strategies that entail the addition of linkages, springs and actuators to the robots' wings. These techniques, however, tend to make robots particularly heavy and bulky, hindering their overall locomotion performance.

Cho and his colleagues set out to develop a design strategy for jump-gliding robots that draws inspiration from nature, more specifically from ladybird beetles. Ladybirds can rapidly deploy their intricately folded wings within 0.1 seconds; a time shorter than the blink of an eye.

Moreover, a ladybird's wings are known to be highly resistant and sturdy, which prevents them from folding or buckling when flapping at a high frequency. Cho and his colleagues wanted to create an artificial structure with qualities resembling those of ladybird wings, which could be deployed as a wing both quickly and efficiently."

(And speaking of ladybug origami, here's mine  Modest )

[Image: 97016953_2942024255891158_72646994203844...e=5EFC0D1B]

[Image: 97014976_2942024409224476_76476899520455...e=5EFD3F70]

[Image: 97073976_2942024999224417_76604341550999...e=5EFBB652]
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