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My God Zoo

My God Zoo
(04-09-2020, 01:24 PM)Dom Wrote: The goddess stands apart from all!

[Image: girl-velvet.jpg]

Omg she's so gorgeous (I want a cuddle sooo badly)
Justaminute   The whole point of having cake is to eat it! 

My God Zoo
(04-19-2020, 04:39 AM)Cheerful Charlie Wrote: Deism seems to have had a bit of a resurgence over the last decades or so.  God creates the world and lets it go on it's merry way.  God does not interfere in this world.  It is not a well organized theological system.

Yes and they can be right testy buggers too when you ask them what the point is. My way of expressing it is, since an absent god, an indifferent god, and a non-existent god all behave exactly the same (don't interact or communicate with humans or the natural world) then how would you even begin tell them apart?

The deist's god seems to be mostly a creator they need because they can't understand how the natural world can exist without a creator as an explanation -- so it's kind of the same argument from incredulity that you get from a Christian fundamentalist, but without rejecting evolution. It pleases deists to imagine at least an original designer and establisher of natural laws as it provides a little echo of an externally bestowed purpose or meaning. In short, it is salvaging one limited aspect of god without going out into overtly batshit crazy territory.

My God Zoo

There is a very interesting study, American Piety in the 21st century from Baylor University. There are differing views of God out there among self described believers.

Type D: Distant God: Believers in a Distant God think that
God is not active in the world and not especially angry either.
These individuals tend towards thinking about God as a
cosmic force which set the laws of nature in motion. As such,
God does not “do” things in the world and does not hold clear
opinions about our activities or world events.

24.4% of self described theists hold to this definition.

The Four God of America are the Authoritarian God, the angry God of evangelicals et al - 31.4%, Benevolent God. Active in our lives but not so angry. 23%. Critical God. A personal God that views the world but does not get involved. Deist type of God. 16%
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