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Trickle up economics

Trickle up economics
And just like that, republicans get behind the concept of trickle up economics!

Seems that the corona virus has one positive gift for us.

Now, that the shit is hitting the fan of our economy, all of a sudden trickle up economics are the band aid that will cure our woes.

The discussion now is about how to get money to the people, instead of propping up just big companies. Congress is trying to chisel out the best way to support workers and thereby injecting lots of money into the economy. trump is expected to sign the resulting bills.

Will this become a model for helping the economy in the future? One can only hope....
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Trickle up economics
Well, we got some of our best social programs after the great depression and some pretty solid alliances after WWII. All of the erosion over the last 40 years seems to be a colossal case of simply forgetting lessons learned. Maybe we bought ourselves another generation of realizing the government can be beneficial and that we shouldn't go out of our way to destroy alliances. Consider
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Trickle up economics
Small businesses will need the most help. They employ almost half the private workforce, but don't have the financial stamina (or perhaps available credit) of the larger corporations to weather this. If this administration doesn't address that, they're toast in November.
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Trickle up economics
The problem is, we will soon be accumulating more great deficits. Then the Republicans will later on use that as an excuse to again, slash Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and much more. The battle over this will be shrill and rancorous.
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Trickle up economics
You're right, Charlie.  The thing is will people get their heads out of their asses long enough to resist them?
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