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Door-to-door prosteletyzers

Door-to-door prosteletyzers
Quote:I said nothing at all to insult them personally, just hammered the point I thought their god was trash.

Rest assured.  They took it personally.
Robert G. Ingersoll : “No man with a sense of humor ever founded a religion.”

Door-to-door prosteletyzers
I live out in the country. I've had one visit in seven years. They got my standard answer, one I learned in SoCal that will get you added to their "do not visit" list: "I've been disFellowshipped." JWs are barred from communicating with apostates and will not visit you again.
Freedom isn't free.
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Door-to-door prosteletyzers
(05-04-2020, 09:55 PM)Bucky Ball Wrote: How to welcome Jehovah Witnesses.

I can see how having a 300-foot cliff in your backyard can be quite handy.  Winking

Door-to-door prosteletyzers
Religious or otherwise, anyone who knocks on my door or cold calls me by phone without precedent or invite will be summarily ignored and sent on their way.
"Talk nonsense, but talk your own nonsense, and I'll kiss you for it. To go wrong in one's own way is better than to go right in someone else's. 
F. D.
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