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Business booming for cam girls

Business booming for cam girls

Quote:Coronavirus isn’t the only thing causing temperatures to rise across the globe — cam girls are, too.

Business is booming for sexy solo performers as millions of holed-up horndogs look to relieve their outbreak anxiety, XXX workers say.

“If you’re trying to sell porn, having the entire country cooped up at home with nothing to do is kind of a dream scenario,” said Los Angeles-based porn star Kate Kennedy.

Kennedy, 25, opened an account a week ago on the site OnlyFans, where users pay $10 a month to watch her perform sex acts, fold laundry nude and brush her teeth.

She said she’s up to 100 subscribers and has made four figures in tips and fees — about what she typically made in a month.
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Business booming for cam girls
cam girls ............. shaft boys

Works for me.
Being told you're delusional does not necessarily mean you're mental. 
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Business booming for cam girls
One only has to look at sites like "Chaturbate" to see how popular they are. There're hundreds of
women broadcasting there 24/7, and they're all free to watch, relying on people purchasing 5¢ tokens
to ask the women to do specific stuff.

Please note that this information comes from... a... uh... friend of mine.
I'm a creationist;   I believe that man created God.

Business booming for cam girls
Out of that window, thank Aiueb Gnshal.
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