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The Toba Genetic Bottleneck Theory Takes a Hit

The Toba Genetic Bottleneck Theory Takes a Hit

Quote:Human occupation of northern India spans the Toba super-eruption ~74,000 years ago

Quote:The Dhaba localities together provide evidence of long-term human occupation spanning the last ~80 thousand years. Occupation spans the Toba eruption and the stone tool industry shows no significant change in technology until the introduction of microlithic technology ~48 ka. The lithic industry from Dhaba strongly resembles Middle Stone Age stone tool assemblages from Africa, Arabia and Australia, here interpreted as the product of Homo sapiens as they dispersed eastward out of Africa.

Short version for the religitards:  goddidn'tdoit
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The Toba Genetic Bottleneck Theory Takes a Hit
Marching band tricked me into looking at this.
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