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why faith fails

why faith fails
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why faith fails
(01-28-2020, 04:45 PM)Drich Wrote: God is proven daily to billions....

"Bucky Ball Wrote:Ad populum fallacy...

Quote:Ah, no. ad populum is an appeal to the masses. what i did was the reverse.

Nice try mate, but no prize.  You said "God is proven daily to billions"
which is an argumentum ad populum  fallacy.   You did appeal to
the masses' opinion.
I'm a creationist;   I believe that man created God.

why faith fails
(01-28-2020, 04:45 PM)Drich Wrote: Christians only need to start out with a mustard seed's worth of faith to find proof.

Not to mention a coco de mer worth of indoctrination.
No gods necessary
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why faith fails
As we speak I am helping a Muslim escape from Islam, therefore I already know why faith fails.

Because reason owns its ass.
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