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Any college footbal/NFL FANS.

Any college footbal/NFL FANS.
When did modern American football start scoring differently? Soccer, and rugby is a 1 point score.

When did modern football add the field goal and extra point, and decide a touchdown was worth 6 points?
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Any college footbal/NFL FANS.
Rugby isn't 1 pt per score. It depends how you score and which code of rugby you refer to.

That said, I'm loosely into conworlding, and like to see if I can invent more interesting or logical sports (of course, this is subjective). One thing I think would be interesting is having a TD worth 1 pt, but give you the immediate privilege of a 9-pt field goal right afterwards (just like NFL's extra point after a 6-pt TD), and see how that would go. Bring back the main scoring to the foot.

You have me curious about your questions now!

ETA: upon looking at the wiki for American football, it looks like it happened around 1875, as in the third paragraph in the section here. So, rugby did the weird scoring first.
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