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The Universe, Quantum Foam, Miniture Universes

The Universe, Quantum Foam, Miniture Universes

The Universe Is Made of Tiny Bubbles Containing Mini-Universes, Scientists Say
Today, theoretical physicists are trying to reconcile these mysteries by examining the structure of so-called “spacetime” in the universe at the smallest possible scale, with surprising findings: spacetime might not be the trampoline-like plane scientists once envisioned—it might be a foamy mess of bubbles all containing mini-universes living and dying inside our own. 
Professor Steven Carlip at University of California, Davis, published new research in September that builds on Wheeler's quantum foam theory to show that spacetime bubbles could “hide” the cosmological constant at a large scale.
“There are so many different proposals [to solve the cosmological constant problem], and a good sign for my research is that none of them is very widely accepted,” Carlip said in an interview. “I thought it was worth looking for an approach that was less ad hoc, that might come from things we knew or suspected from elsewhere.”
The idea is that in spacetime foam, every point in spacetime has the huge amount of vacuum energy—the lowest energy state equivalent to "empty space"—predicted by quantum theory, but behaves differently to other points. For any particular way in which a point in spacetime is behaving, the exact opposite is equally as likely to occur at another point in spacetime. 


Cool!  Science marches on in directions we can barely contemplate.
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