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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft
If ever there was a game that made me want to punch the shit out of my monitor to get to the asshole who ganked me, this game takes the cake.

I started playing the retail version of this about 3 or 4 months after it was released. I rolled a Ret Paladin. They were laughed at by everyone because they could only do burst damage, and had no good control of doing any kind of planned damage. But I decided to keep playing it just to spite everyone who laughed at me.

I only played PvP. I hated the dungeons because, well, being a Ret pally I never got invited for one thing, and because of constantly being laughed at because I played Ret, I wanted to get even with those who laughed at me.

After I hit 60, I would farm the elite ogres in STV for loot, saved enough for an epic mount, and bought some half decent stuff from the auction. Then I started going in the battlegrounds whic had just opened.

I played Alterac Valley almost exclusively because, at that time, there was only Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley for battlegrounds. For the first year I played casually, and when Arathi Basin opened about 10 months after the game was released, I finally found my stride.

Being a pally at that time, we could put back-to-back shields on ourselves which left us immune to physical harm for as long as 22 seconds. That means I was good for guarding a resource, as if a rogue or someone else came along I could yell for help and interrupt the Horde trying to cap the flag until help arrived.

Anyways, in October of 2006, I hit rank 14, Grand Marshall after a week of virtually no sleep, playing as much as 18 hours a day during my vacation from work. It was all planned. Shortly after, a lot of offers came my way to buy my account because of the rank 14, but i wouldn't give it up, even though I was offered $2500 for it.

If I recall correctly, I had killed almost 210,000 Horde with that Paladin, which at the time ranked 3rd in all of WoW. 

That paladin's name was Fath, and he was on the Dethecus server. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/...ins/8708/2

Have any of you played this?
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World of Warcraft
I play, although I never started retail until Pandaria. Hated Warlords of Draenor, it was a complete fever dream of an expansion. Contrary to popular opinion, but I really enjoyed legion and I'm actually liking BFA, regardless of some of the major complaints its hard thus far. I like that hardcore LORE and world building.

I primarily really like Hunters in this game, which is weird for me because in any other game, like FFXIV, I exclusively tank. But any and all other mmo's have deprived me of a beast master class, and wow gives me exactly that, so it's definitely my favorite class. I really like farming for the rare hunter pets. I have all of the rare spawns and spirit hunter pets, and although getting them was a very long and grindy process, I had a lot of fun. My main hunter is Alliance on Lightbringers.

I also really, really like the huge expanse of mounts in this game. I have spent hours upon hours farming for mounts, it's a very immersive, fun, and calming experience for me. Got TLPD on my account, my dad's account & my boyfriend's account. I NUT to the ominous music in Storm Peaks. Long Forgotten Hippogryph, Aeonaxx, Void Talon, and then a lot of the achievement, world & dungeon drops have been super fun to farm, like all the dragons are my favorites. FFXIV has a good expanse of mounts, but not nearly the variety nor the challenge that wow gives me.

I have been playing a lot of classic recently, and I am once again playing Hunter. I really adore the pet system where you can individually level, feed, and skill up your pets. It's really immersive to me, like Nintendogs or some shit. It's a feature I really enjoy and I wish they had always kept it honestly. I hope that if they ever develop a beast master class for FFXIV that they interpret some kind of pet care system into the game because it's such a good feature. But having three fucking Quivers for your arrows bro? Good god. I have Horde on Stalagg and Alliance on Pagle. I have an alternative Alliance on Grobbulus.

If I am being honest, FFXIV is still my favorite MMO, but wow shares a lot of good memories in my heart and will always be a game I consistently play.

World of Warcraft
I stopped playing shortly after release of the Lich King. It was too much of a time sink, and yeah, gankers, i actually would have probably physically beaten up some of them irl if i had met them. Nevertheless i had some of the best times in my EU clan when we were doing raids.

Druid (also being laughed at constantly, until someone needed a quick revive or DoT healing, or saw me claw away in cat form)
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World of Warcraft
Never played WoW.

When it comes to MMORPGs, Forsaken World was the game I liked.

And I was strictly PvE, because I couldn't be arsed with the annoying mechanics of PvP.
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World of Warcraft
Some of that was in English?
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