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Imac OS Catalina

Imac OS Catalina
Has anyone tried Mac's latest  OS Catalina?  It only came out on Oct 7

After checking, it seems I can run Catalina on my Imac which is late 2015 build.

I'm perfectly happy with Mojave, and reluctant to install a new OS. In the past, every update hay as resulted in some problem. With Mojave it was a massive loss of data  .

Be most interested  in any opinions.

Imac OS Catalina
I don't know since I do not run Macintosh. Try googling "Mac, Catalina review" for information. Apparently Catalina ends support for 32 bit apps. ARS Technica seems to have a long and detailed review of changes that will come with Catalian. Good luck with your upgrade if you choose to do so
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