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In the beginning was...

In the beginning was...
... helium hydride and it was just detected for the first time.

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Also, obligatory:

[Image: 19be737b525d684854b7f2a1953878bf.jpg]:
“We drift down time, clutching at straws. But what good's a brick to a drowning man?” 
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In the beginning was...
And of course, and right on cue, Answers in Genesis debunks this story.

From time to time there are news stories of the latest findings in astronomy that are a bit sensationalized and hence are misrepresented.

"[N]o one believes that the detected helium hydride is primordial; rather, this helium
hydride is thought to have originated in the past few centuries. And it is unlikely
that this helium hydride will survive for long, for it soon will react with hydrogen atoms
to form hydrogen molecules. Consequently, this study doesn’t amount to that much.
This is particularly true for biblical creationists, who reject the big bang model."

I'm a creationist;   I believe that man created God.
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