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Second Folding-Screen Phone... Yes? No?
Second Folding-Screen Phone... Yes? No?
This is yet another attempt at a folding phone about
to be released after the failure of the Samsung...

The Royole FlexPai which you can purchase HERE.

There's a hands-on review HERE, which makes it seem
a bit of a mixed bag—as far as its physical practicality goes.

Its major issue as I see it is the longevity of the hinging
mechanism, and obviously the surface of the screen.  As
it's constantly facing "outwards" it's sure to suffer from
impacts and scratches—as it won't carry Gorilla glass. Its
thickness is another major black mark, particularly as it'll
absolutely need a firm protective case.

Certainly not for me at sixteen hundred bucks.      Thumbsdown
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Second Folding-Screen Phone... Yes? No?
I'd love to see something like that - working properly of course.
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