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How Legends Are Born

How Legends Are Born

In Santiago , Chile , a government imposed curfew following demonstrations she sang El derecho de vivir en pas - the right to live in peace

Neighbours react to woman singing out of her window


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How Legends Are Born
Self-defense measures:

Chilean protesters take down police drone with lasers.
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How Legends Are Born
(11-16-2019, 11:11 AM)Rainy_D Wrote: Self-defense measures...
...Chilean protesters take down police drone with lasers.

The laser pointers could have taken down the drone in the video in one of two ways, according to
Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense Company, which is working with Customs and Border
Protection to deploy anti-drone “bubbles” along the border.

If the drone was being flown manually by an operator watching through a first-person video, the
bright lights might have blinded the camera, causing the operator to lose control. Alternatively,
“low powered lasers have the ability to interfere with infrared landing sensors,” as well as the
downward-facing cameras that detect obstacles below, “forcing a landing or uncontrolled drone
behavior,” Williams said.
I'm a creationist;   I believe that man created God.

How Legends Are Born


How Legends Are Born
May I never be a legend held to that kind of stupidity.

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