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Figures..... - Minimalist - 03-18-2020

Quote:One of the largest anti-vaxxer groups in the nation is gearing up to resist the eventual coronavirus vaccine

The state of Texas has one of the largest anti-vaccine groups in the nation and they’re not happy about Governor Greg Abbott’s declaration of a state-wide emergency in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak.

“If they fast-track some vaccine for coronavirus, how are all of us going to defend ourselves?” a woman named Sarah posted in a local anti-vaccine Facebook group. “I’ll let them vaccinate my daughter over my dead body.”

Okay.  Die.

RE: Figures..... - Gawdzilla Sama - 03-18-2020

Is letting your kids die from something completely preventable "Darwining out by proxy"?

RE: Figures..... - Minimalist - 03-18-2020

Its a discussion worth having.  It does seem as if the parents are stupider than the kids.