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  Is the sectarian division in Islam impossible to get through?
Posted by: Link - 3 hours ago - Forum: Atheism & Theism - Replies (7)

It's always said by Atheists from my experience,  what sect of Islam is right so to even consider accepting the religion.  They assume because there are so much unresolved differences, that there is no clear proof and decisive way to solve the sectarian dispute.

Part of what I proposed for Atheists, is the working all together or backward approach. Don't just start researching religions when you believe in God or otherwise don't.   The reason being is God's guidance would be best way to prove God and firmly establish his link and prove his relationship to humans, and would be truly the guidance if there was a guidance. 

To settle for humans to come to you and explain everything to you, and you seeing these humans as nobody, is setting yourself up for failure.

The Sunni-Shia dispute for example is very easy to solve. 

(1) The verses about past guidance and way of God are relevant to the today's time.
(2) The verses about the chosen houses/families take meaning with the current family of the reminder.
(3) The reward verses that Messengers are accused of seeking go together, and 42:23 in connection to that, is saying whatever you see us seeking a reward from authority to power to moral landscaping to fame etc, it's only asking you to recognize and love us for who we are, while 25:57 says what reward (do you accuse of us seeking) except that it is for who wants, to take a path to their Lord.  The many verses about chosen offspring and family, give context to the meaning of "the kin/kinsfolk" in 42:23.
(4) The flow to 4:59 by contextual rules of language, prove the Messenger and those who possess the Authority from us, are those who are compared to the household of Abraham (a) in 4:54 and are made to contrast the clergy authority of Christian and Jews who were opposing them (household of Mohammad (s)) and envying them.   The comparison makes a clear case they are a chosen household as well.

There are many more clear proofs and examples to show, but this should suffice.

Now a person might ask, then say Shiites are right, what is the proof that Twelver Shiites are right.

Apply (1) and (2), then there are verses by comparison to the Successors of Moses' (a) implying there are Twelve Successors to Mohammad (s). And there is even specifically a verse that is not even allusion to the past, but straight reference to Mohammad's (s) successors being twelve but you have to understand original Arabic and not translations to see this.

That and consistency is expected and only relevant information in Quran is expected.

It's that easy. It's that simple. It's that clear.

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  The Tiger King
Posted by: Free - 11 hours ago - Forum: Movies and Television - Replies (7)

Jesus H. Christ.

Enough said.

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  What three things do you miss most due to the shelter in place/ limiting contact with
Posted by: Bcat - Today, 03:08 AM - Forum: Getting to Know You - Replies (17)

I know most of us are fearful of coming in contact with others, fearful of the state of the world today, and are hands are probably raw from constant washing but that aside--What three things do you miss most due to the shelter in place/limiting contact with others?

1. Spending time with my dogs outside.  I still do spend time outside with them but I don't feel as relaxed about it and most parks, beaches etc. are closed.  So times outside are much quicker and far less relaxed than they were before.

2.  Going to get a morning latte at my favorite coffee place.  Most coffee places are still open aroud here for take out only but I just don't want to risk it so I don't go out for lattes anymore.  Instead, I've been attempting latte-making at home.  Still doesn't taste as good as the way my favorite coffee place does it though.

3.  Being able to go out for dinner and drinks on occasion.

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  The hobby thread
Posted by: Dom - Yesterday, 02:32 PM - Forum: Off-topic - Replies (33)

This is one of my hobbies:

[Image: fishes.jpg]

How about you?

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  China's virus sins
Posted by: Aractus - Yesterday, 11:33 AM - Forum: World News, Politics and Current Events - Replies (33)

So I've been meaning to post a topic on this for a while.

The Wuhan virus, officially designated as CoVid-19 by WHO, has pulled the veil back and allowed us to see China's true colours.

Here is Bruce Aylward, assistant director-general of the World Health Organisation, being interviewed by Hong Kong journalist Yvonne Tong:

If you haven't seen it please watch it it's only 1 minute long.

It is a truly appalling clip. I showed it to my mum who said "that's disgusting - they're just a mouthpiece for China". Taiwan is banned from WHO membership at China's petitioning - yet North Korea is a member. If you believe South Korea, NK isn't a nation state it's a rouge autonomous province which they wish to reunify with. Same thing China says about Taiwan. Same thing NK says about South Korea. Afghanistan also has WHO membership, and yet in no-way can anyone claim it as a legitimate nation state with a stable central government. So let's be clear - WHO membership obviously doesn't necessarily mean an endorsement of nation-state status.

I think the most offensive thing about the clip, especially as someone who's educated in public health, is that WHO attributes Taiwan's success at tackling the Wuhan virus to mainland China. That's just blatant propaganda, the kind that could have come from the Communist China government wholesale. You don't need to agree or disagree at all about Taiwan's status to recognise their (if you like devolved) government obviously handled the epidemic well whilst facing opposing pressures from China.

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  Quarantine Music. "I just dropped in to see..."
Posted by: Gawdzilla Sama - Yesterday, 11:01 AM - Forum: Off-topic - Replies (55)

"I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in", by Kenny Rogers, et al.

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  What Do We Mean By Omnipotent?
Posted by: Cheerful Charlie - Yesterday, 05:40 AM - Forum: Atheism & Theism - Replies (28)

Rene Descartes, Letter to Arnauld, 29 July 1648

 Secondly, it arises because we have recourse to the divine
power: knowing this to be infinite, we attribute to it an effect without
noticing that the effect involves a contradictory conception, that is, is
inconceivable by us. But I do not think that we should ever say of anything
that it cannot be brought about by God. For since every basis of truth and
goodness depends on his omnipotence, I would not dare to say that God
cannot make a mountain without a valley, or bring it about that 1 and 2.
are not 3. I merely say that he has given me such a mind that I cannot
conceive a mountain without a valley, or a sum of 1 and 2 which is not 3;
such things involve a contradiction in my conception.

It is something of a dogma, for example from Aquinas, that God cannot do the illogical, God cannot make a square circle for example.  Which would seem to mean that logic is something God is subject to.

Descartes seems to disagree.  This then is a metaphysical puzzle for theology.  Who is correct, Aquinas or Descartes?
And how would theologians/metaphysicians investigate the issue to a sure conclusion?  If God can do anything, as Descartes
thinks, and God is good, God would create a world without moral evil.  We do not live in such a world, which demonstrates either God is not good, cannot do so, or does not exist.

If logic is a sort of thing that God is subject to, and cannot ignore, what is that and where does it come from?  And why does God then seem to lack cleverness to work within logic's limitations.

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  COVID-19 Crimes
Posted by: Rainy_D - 03-31-2020, 01:31 PM - Forum: World News, Politics and Current Events - Replies (46)

Reports of Price Gouging have been circulated.  One local building supplier has received cease and desist papers from at least 2 state Attorneys General.  I just received a sales flier from this same builder offering an item on sale, which I had just priced back in Feb, now on sale at $30 more than in february.

There have been numerous complaints across the various website sales venues for price gouging.

And there is this:

Quote:Feldheim is also accused of price-gouging. On March 18, he’s suspected of selling a New Jersey doctor about 1,000 of the masks for $12,000, a markup of roughly 700 percent, authorities said.


There is some speculation regarding whether or not the face mask crisis is as all encompassing as portrayed:

Quote:Within 48 hours of painstakingly calling leads and potential suppliers, the union discovered a distributor who had the 39 million masks, and has since found another supplier who says his company can produce 20 million more masks a week. The union also has found a supplier who can deliver millions of face shields.


But how about Murder? 

Some of you may remember a couple in AZ who claimed to have used a fish tank cleaner in an effort to prevent/cure corona.  The wife claimed to have heard Trump speak of it, and then remembered she had some tank cleaner with the chemical. 

But wait...

Shes a democratic supporter with a trail of donations, some as recently as February.

She lived.  He died.

Quote:"We were just having the best day before this happened. I made him his favorite lunch, grilled steak and asparagus and red potatoes, and we were just having the best Sunday," she said.

lol.... his last meal was his favorite...  coincidence or not?


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  Five word at a time story
Posted by: jerry mcmasters - 03-30-2020, 10:47 PM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (17)

Okay let's go with...horror.  Play it straight, save the humor for elsewhere.  So it doesn't get off track too quickly, let's say our imaginary beginning involves three people in a car on a normal night going...somewhere.

His grip on the steering

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Posted by: Bcat - 03-30-2020, 07:43 PM - Forum: Eats and Treats - Replies (15)

What's your go to...

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